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Nomad and citizen of the world, has always been inspired by a strong curiosity about everything and everyone. Driven by this gift, Fabio continuously increases both his inner awareness and the objective knowledge of the external world.

Fabio finished his studies of visual communication in Italy and began working as a teacher and then as a manager at the same university where he studied. He also worked as a photographer and video maker with different companies and NGOs that allowed him to travel around the world.

Backpack and camera in hand, he's always ready to seize everything that lives. Fabio collects a lot of information from different cultures, religions, and countries, reinforcing the idea that the world is the school par excellence and that travel is the best method of learning.

During his stay in Nepal, spending most of the time with Buddhist monks, he perceived to have already lived there. His experience in the Himalayas deepened his understanding of samsara, changing his way of thinking and seeing the world.

Finally, after trying different methods of concentration and meditation, he approached the physical practice of asanas.

From day one, inspired by a devotee sadhaka, Fabio began to study with perseverance and determination and after less then one year entered his first teacher training with Andrei Ram.

During his studies he met people important to him and through a series of coincidences, Fabio flew to NYC to meet and know personally the spiritual guide with whom he always felt a strong connection, Sri Dharma Mittra.

Devoted disciple of Sri Dharma Mittra, Fabio learns directly from his spiritual guide, practicing daily and sharing classes and workshops of Hatha Yoga. Enthusiastic and always fond of images, Fabio continues working as a photographer and video maker.


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